Success Story: Greg N. from NY state

Every step of the process of getting a player a stick is a chance for me to smile. And the final step, the player receiving the stick and their response, gets the biggest smile - and if I'm completely honest, maybe a even a tear. I had already heard early this week that Greg LOVED his new stick, but today I received the picture below. Greg was referred us by Paul during our first week and he sounded like a player we could help.

Hi, I saw your post about the giveaway and my mind immediately went to my friend Greg. Greg is and has been one of my best friends ever since we me in 5th grad. Greg and I both are farmboys. Greg is an amazing kid, he is the sweetest kid I know. Never gets angry (exception of the field) and just has always been an excellent skills player....
He is a lacrosse player of three years and has never had the chance to buy a nice or new head. THe never complains about his stick but he deserves one better. He is a kid that wants to go to Cornell university and he always talks about playing lacrosse.


Thank you Paul for referring Greg! And Greg, I'm glad you like your twig, good luck on your upcoming season! Keep up us updated on how it goes!

The Setup:

Head: Grey Maverik Metrik U donated by Joe from Stringer's Shack
Handle: STX Force donated by Neil from Cardinal Lacrosse